Site Commander provides state of the art surveillance and security equipment

SITE COMMANDER provides re-deployable security systems

Site Commander provides an assortment of products used to build custom security systems. Whether the project is large such as industrial complexes, construction zones - or even smaller applications such as residential zones and parking lots, Site Commander can be built to specify those needs. Our interchangeable component system is one of many strengths in building your new, fully re-deployable security system.

Site Commander example image of construction site
Site Commander image showing camera analytics working on a suspicious person

ELIMINATE physical security completely, with reduced costs

Can you trust your property to be protected all times by a single security guard?
Did you know that guards are underpaid, tired and poorly trained?
How fast is physical security response time? Will they be able to spot an arsonist on the other end of a multi-acreage property in time before the fire spreads?
They simply will not be able to keep an eye on the whole property at once.
This puts you and your properties at risk.

BENEFITS of using Site Commander

- All angles of property under surveillance at all times.
- Metal thieves, arson and theft is on the rise in active construction zones.
- Video results speed up the court process & produce victories.
- View remotely, monitor safety concerns - provide data to WCB if required.
- No false alarms. Alarms are verified before contacting law enforcement.
- REDUCED COSTS compared to physical Security - improved overall security.